Jesus is…Deliverer

  • Romans 11:26 – …The deliverer will come from Zion…
  •  Deliverer – One who draws out for himself.  A rescuer.  One who sets free.  One who saves another from certain peril or doom.
  •  There are numerous examples of David being delivered from destruction due to Saul’s relentless pursuit of him in the books of Samuel, Kings, and Psalms.  But the quintessential example is when Israel was trapped on the shores of the Red Sea.  After 400 years of crying out to God to save them from the cruel slavery building Pharaoh’s monuments to his ego, God sends Moses.  Moses wrestles God’s children away from Pharaoh and begins leading them towards the land of milk and honey by following the pillar of fire by night and cloud by day, but ends up trapped on the banks of the Red Sea.  Pharaoh, in an insane fury, has sent his entire army raging after Israel, who is Deliverersitting like an animal with its leg caught in a trap.  A bloody slaughter is imminent.  But with a glorious display of His delivering power, Jesus parts the Red Sea whereby Israel walks across on dry ground.  Jesus even punctuates the deliverance by having the sea drown the enemy in the same stroke.
  •  Chosen and blessed child of God, it was Jesus who wrote the script for the Red Sea drama; and He is the one who is writing the script for the pressures, captivities, and bondages that you are facing.  All because He wants to display to-you and through-you, and to everyone who is watching your life; His magnificent glory and power.  Are you “stuck” in some way?  Raise your hands and cry out to Jesus “SAVE ME FROM …”, and don’t stop until the waters part.
  •  Has Jesus already delivered you from some insurmountable peril in your life?  Then this is your area of ministry.  Be on the lookout for people who Jesus shepherds across your path who seem to be struggling for freedom.  Let His loving compassion well-up from within you, move towards them with empathy, and boldly testify to what Jesus did for you when He delivered you.  Encourage them to believe Him, and to keep on believing Him until, like the woman with the issue of blood, virtue flows and everything is different…forever.

About Trevor Honeycutt

D.O.B. 04/17/1968 Married to Kristina - 04/02/1993 9 children (Noah, Luke, Joshua, Nathan, Anna, Judah, Elisha, Joseph, & Benjamin)
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2 Responses to Jesus is…Deliverer

  1. theoldadam says:

    “Let His loving compassion well-up from within you, move towards them with empathy, and boldly testify to what Jesus did for you when He delivered you.”


    Sometimes I do it. Not very well…

    But I think He can work through my incompetence.

    Thanks, very much.


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