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Thoughts on “how to” live the Christian life.

In chewing on the simplest, most basic explanation for “how to” live the Christian life, I believe the juiced-down answer is to die.  Christ’s life, resurrection life, only flows from one place: a tomb…death. A Christian man is a 3-part … Continue reading

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Thoughts on “ministry” and the future of “the church”

Ministry is wonderful, signs and wonders are incredible, and planting churches is super important. However, TONS of ministry has always been and continues to be a significant mixture of spirit & self. In other words, even though we’re ministering to … Continue reading

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“The heavens declare the glory of God.” (Psalm 19) The solar system is a great testimony to Jesus’ preeminence. As long as the sun is at the center and everything else is orbiting around it, then life is balanced and … Continue reading

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The Song of the Season

I believe this song, with one tweak, is the song of the season. The tweak was to change the individual references of “me” (for example) to community references of “us”; to expand the psalm-like prayer into a more transcendent cry … Continue reading

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