Thoughts and Observations on Satan’s Plan to Destroy the Family

Satan’s progressive, long-term strategy to destroy that family unit, and confuse humanity regarding sexuality.  (Because family is God’s #1 strategy for passing His grace from generation to generation)

His main strategy is to push normalization, acceptance, then legalization.  This is what sows evil/corruption into the very fabric of society, and removes any sense of conscience in favor of what makes each person feel good. He starts with tempting individuals into evil, then when he has enough, he moves to normalization.

  • Industrial revolution – Got men to leave the family & homestead to make easier money but left enormous burdens on the wife/mother to run the household all day, every day.
  • Legalize divorce – People used to have to go before a judge (wisdom) for him to decide whether a divorce is warranted or not.  It became much easier to simply file.
  • Free-love movement – created a generation of people who trashed the sacredness of sex between a husband and wife, for simple pleasure.
  • Legalize abortion – Wipes out the consequences for free-loving.
  • Homosexualism – Pushed to make socially acceptable, then legal, then praiseworthy.  Can’t procreate, and twists psyche.
  • Transgenderism – Deepens confusion about simple biology and God as creator and drives narcissistic mental illness deep. Current stage is that Satan is aggressively pushing the normalization & legalization to get this sown into the fabric of society.
  • Pedophilia – This is already vastly more widespread than most realize, but there is also covert and very strong movement towards normalization and legalization occurring.
  • Bestiality – Still very taboo to the vast majority but occurring at higher rates than most would believe.  Satan is mostly working on the individual level still, leading people into this evil 1 by 1.  Normalization and legalization will be pushed next.
  • AI – Artificial intelligence is his end-game.  God-created humans no longer exist as we are now part human and part machine, but the machine is in total control and is programmed by the now astronomically twisted view of right and wrong.  This is Satan’s twisted version of God’s “new creation”.

Come Lord Jesus!

About Trevor Honeycutt

D.O.B. 04/17/1968 Married to Kristina - 04/02/1993 9 children (Noah, Luke, Joshua, Nathan, Anna, Judah, Elisha, Joseph, & Benjamin)
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