Breaking Through – Vision of the latex walls

I saw a hallway, and down the length of the hall were periodically spaced latex walls that went floor-to-ceiling, and wall-to-wall.  The latex was very thin, and looked like the kind that surgical rubber gloves are made of.

Once the scene registered in my mind, I was compelled to take-off running straight into the 1st latex wall.  When I hit it, the resistance was small; but because I was running fast, it quickly became stronger and stronger.  Eventually, it was so strong that I was just able to bend my head forward like a bull, take most of the pressure on my forehead, and put one foot in front of the other until…POP!  The latex broke, and shattered into powder.breakthrough

After the first wall, the rest of them became invisible; but I “knew” they were there.

Since the 1st wall became very difficult so quickly, and since I couldn’t see the walls anymore; I slowed my pace to a steady walk down the hall.

As I encountered the 2nd wall, I instinctively entered into “trudge mode”; which was the bulldozer-like hike that pushed me through the very end of the previous wall.  Sure enough, after bulling-down my head and pressing-in until it got extremely difficult; it POPPED too.

I walked through a couple more, and realized that the Lord was showing me a pattern.  Seasons of easy walking, and seasons of difficult pressing.  Then He said “this is what getting the breakthrough is like”.

In that statement, I realized that He was showing me that normal life will be interspersed with obstacles, tests, trials, resistances, mountains, valleys, and on-and-on.  But that He is with me, His grace is on me, and that He is calling me to set the gear-shift to “forward”; so as to “take the land”, “break the chains”, “run the race”, and so on.  And that I am not to run away from, try to avoid, or try to get out-of or around the trails when they come; but instead to get the victory, overcome, break the chains, and go-through.

This is how we learn to walk-by-faith, and be vessels through which heaven comes to earth.

We are called to be “more than conquerors” in Christ, and that only manifests when we become willing to go-through.


About Trevor Honeycutt

D.O.B. 04/17/1968 Married to Kristina - 04/02/1993 9 children (Noah, Luke, Joshua, Nathan, Anna, Judah, Elisha, Joseph, & Benjamin)
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